How can I contact a person for help or anything else not covered in this FAQ?

Please feel free to fill out our online form here, email us at info@infinityflux.net, or call at 423-591-5689 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Do you have a comic, manga, or graphic novel subscription service?
Yes, we have a free subscription service where customers can easily subscribe to and pre-order comics, manga and graphic novels of their choice. Here is the link to sign up

Is there a discount for pre-ordering comics, manga, or graphic novels?
Yes! Any comic, manga, or graphic novel pre-ordered through our free subscription service gives you a 10% discount on those items!

What is the difference between pre-ordering a product and just purchasing something from your site?
A pre-order can be placed in the comic subscription section of our website during a designated time period referred to as Last Call or Final Order Cutoff (FOC for short). This is a date when all the orders placed by retailers are guaranteed to be printed and delivered (with very few exceptions). Orders placed after this window require that there are enough copies left over for us to sell them to you. Only items ordered before the Last Call date are considered pre-orders and receive a 10% discount.

Can I cancel something I pre-ordered after the Final Order Cutoff date?
Sorry, but pre-orders cannot be canceled after the Final Order Cutoff date since distributors will not let us cancel after that time. You are required to pay for what you pre-ordered when it arrives. With great ordering power comes great responsibility!

Can I just pre-order one particular comic instead of subscribing to the series? Or can I subscribe to a series and also pre-order a variant of the same issue? Or can I…
Yes, yes, and yes! Our subscription service will allow you to control exactly what you want, in what quantities, and you can change it very easily!

How often am I required to pay for and receive my subscriptions?
If you are picking them up locally, we require all subscriptions that have arrived to be paid for and picked up no less than monthly. However, we do ask that your box not reach over 25 issues at a time, so if you subscribe to a lot, please plan to visit us a little more often.

Other Comic sites make/allow me to pay for my order in advance without subscribing. Can I do this on your site?
We prefer not to bill our customers until we have the comics in hand from the distributor. That means you will be subscribing/ordering the comics now, and then we will invoice you when the comics arrive at our store (usually in 3-4 weeks from the Final Order Cutoff date). If you want to budget now for your upcoming invoice, feel free to purchase a gift card from our website (though this is not required). Otherwise, just look for our email/invoice once we have your comics. We will then ship them out within 24 hours of receiving your payment! You can also always shop our weekly releases directly on our website (updated every Monday), but subscribing guarantees your copy in advance.

If we are shipping your orders, you have the option of either weekly or bi-weekly.
Orders that are not paid for within these windows are subject to cancellation and being placed back in our inventory for sale. If we have not received communications from you, your account might be put on hold.

When will my subscriptions be ready each week?
Subscriptions are ready the Wednesday of their release week. We will invoice everyone we ship to, but local subscribers will need to come by at least once a month.

What if something is wrong or missing with the subscription titles I received?
We pride ourselves on making sure everything is perfect every single week for our customers, but mistakes can be made. Please contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make things right.

Can I get my items shipped to me?
Yes, you can! Once you’ve created a free account with us, you will be able to choose between weekly or bi-weekly shipments for any comic, manga, or graphic novel subscriptions that you have. We will invoice you before we ship. For regular, non pre-orders of items currently in stock on our website, just choose that you want us to ship it to you during checkout and we will ship it off immediately!

What condition will my comics arrive in?
We care about getting you the best condition on your comics possible. We wear gloves and bag and board every single comic in our shop. However, we cannot promise you will receive Mint condition copies of your comics. Minor defects sometimes occur in the original production, shipping, and general handling that are outside of our control. Small amounts of color rub, spine roll, and fraying near spine corners are the most common production/original shipping defects. As collectors ourselves, we can promise you great condition comics, with no major tears, bends, or color breaks. 

Can I pick up my order to save the cost of shipping?
Yes, if you want to pick up your order at our shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee, there is an option to do that for free! You can also pay ahead of time and we will have your order waiting for you!

What is a ratio variant comic, can I order them, and what do they cost?
A ratio variant is a comic that can only be ordered from the distributor in a limited quantity based on us ordering a larger amount of regular open order covers. For example, a single 1 in 25 ratio variant requires we order 25 regular open order covers. Due to these limitations and their scarcity, ratio variants cost more. You can spot a ratio variant comic because in the title or description it will say something like “1 in 25” or “1 in 100.” 

Customers can pre-order ratio variants, but we price these on a case by case basis. So, once a pre-order has been placed, we will send the customer a price which can either be approved or declined under the “My Subscriptions” tab. If a customer has not approved AND paid before the comic’s Final Order Cutoff date, the ratio variant order will be canceled. If the customer does approve, prepayment for the item is due Sunday by 6pm for DC comics and Monday by 6pm for Marvel.