Road Trippy - SIGNED!

Road Trippy - SIGNED!

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A hit and run without the run leads to a world of crimes and snakes. Falling asleep at the wheel, Abigail accidentally hits a hitchhiker, Samantha, who may have jumped in front of her car on purpose. Sam is on the run from some pretty weird stuff, including a demonic ex-boyfriend, brain swapping drugs, and a particularly vicious zebra. Together they meet a handful of desert weirdos, get involved in a high-stakes Scrabble tournament, crash a few dozen cars, visit a deadly waterslide theme park, and uncover the terrible cost of obtaining a Philosopher’s Stone. It’s gonna be a looooong drive. The perfect opportunity to become best friends, whether Abigail wants to or not.

Road Trippy has been described as being a cross between Good Omens, The Blues Brothers, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas- only different. It's 250 pages of up-all-night supernatural buddy comedy 80's movie action and has perhaps the best car chase ever described in prose.


“Some days life moves at an incredibly reasonable speed. Today isn’t one of those for Abigail. A hit and run without the run leads her into a world of guns, crimes and snakes. Can this expert on paperclips hold it together or will her new passenger drive her crazy? A very fun wild ride that’s well worth taking!”
-Ian Boothby
Writer, Futurama Comics, Mad Magazine, Exorsisters

“Consistently surprising and genuinely amusing, both of which are harder to achieve than you might think. Draw a triangle and at the points write the names Carl Hiaasen, Terry Pratchett, and Monty Python. This book goes somewhere in the middle.”
-Scott Meyer
Author, Off To Be The Wizard, Basic Instructions, The Authorities

“This latest work by J. Bartholomew Hivemind is fun, imaginative, and can be easily read at any point along the space time continuum! I owe my career to
J. Bartholomew Hivemind. It was JBH who once said to me ‘I'll give you five bucks to leave me alone and quit bugging me.’ I did and the rest is history.”

-Pete Michels
Director, Rick and Morty, Family Guy, The Simpsons

“[J.B. Hivemind’s work is]A breathless collision of pythonesque ideas thrown into the fantasy pot and stirred vigorously."
-Dirk Maggs
Director, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel, Good Omens (Radio)

“The best road trips are with people who just seem to get crazier the more you get to know them. Apparently, the same is true of books about road trips.”
-Mark Russell
Writer, The Snagglepuss Chronicles, God is Disappointed in You

This book was a collaboration between Joe Heath (, Ray Friesen (, and Chris Cherry ( Joe would write a chapter and pass it along to Ray, who would write a ridiculous cliffhanger, and then Chris would have to try and fix everything. By the time Joe got it back, many unexpected things would have happened and everybody would have to just roll with it. The story hangs together surprisingly well, all things considered. There was no real discussion of where the plot was going, so the engine that drove the story was mostly a mutual appreciation of the Honda Civic. Together, they, and a few of their friends form the writing powerhouse mysterious pseudonym that is... J. BARTHOLOMEW HIVEMIND. Three brains, one fedora.